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Big Boss is one of the biggest hype in India from the last decade and this time it is season 12. Bigg Boss 12 has both commoners and celebrities this year too. Bigg Boss 2018 will be hosted by Salman Khan and this is confirmed by an internal reporter who is linked with colors tv. So, the official bigg boss form are out on voot and you can read about it here. This complete guide will help you out to fill the form in the best way to guarantee your selection in bigg boss season 12. I will help you to get the message ‘Selected in Bigg Boss Season 12 2018′. Just read this guide before you fill out the form.

First of all you need to know that this time the bigg boss theme is couples. and couple doesn’t only mean you and your wife/girlfriend. You can be in couple with anyone like a group of two. For the proof you can see the image below from the official Bigg Boss auditon form.

How are contestants for Bigg Boss 2018 selected?

They mostly select these five kinds of people…

1. Famous(because of their siblings/parents) but struggling to bag a quality job.
2. Those who rose to fame suddenly for some kind of work they did.
3. And those who were famous once but not now.
4. People who have that naughty behaviour to bring trp to the show.
5. Evil inside you.

To find such people a jury is there comprised of 25 selectors. There are meetings held among these selectors a couple of months before the show starts. They discuss people falling in above 3 categories and short list 14 from the list for the season.

This is what i read in a blog about an year ago.

How to get Selected in Bigg Boss Season 12 2018 if you are not famous?

You need to take care about your videos and details you fill because this will decide if you get Selected in Bigg Boss Season 12 or not. You should find the best partner for yourself, whom you are comfortable with. Your partner can be anyone your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, uncle, aunty, boss, side babe etc. anyone. The partner needs to be someone who can draw some attention.

Once you have selected your bigg boss partner, you are half way into getting Selected in Bigg Boss Season 12 and rock it. If you both as a jodi are entertaining and attention gainer. No one can stop you from winning the season, so, audition is just a simple screening.

You are ready with your partner, now let’s come to the form filling and the video that you need to make for the audition form. Just follow this link: Bigg Boss 12 audition form.

Now you are on the form and you can start filling it. Remember few things while you fill it:

  • Show your notorious side and the evil you store within you. Don’t be harsh socially, but show how you can bring attention to the show. This will help you get selected in bigg boss 2018.
  • Setup the room with some solid coloured background (recommeded: white, black or blue) and good lightening in the room where you record the video. Try to use full HD camera to record it. This will help in pasting good impression on the jury.
  • Wear something between formal and too casual. Make it business causal. Wear polo t-shirt if you are a male and wear some dress, if you are female, to record the video.
  • Fill every detail in the form correctly. Don’t write anything fake, because they will verify everything to select you for bigg boss 12.
  • Selection is not a easy process but not impossible to beg for. So, don’t beg for selection in your form details.


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