Bigg Boss 12 Auditions 2018 India wale Couple Jodi Form online

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Bigg Boss has been one of the very well-known and most popular reality show on Indian television. This related show has been continued for last 11 years and is now entering it’s 12th season this year. Bigg Boss season 12 is one of the most awaited shows for people as viewers as well as to participate in it. Every year many people send their entries for bigg boss auditions and only a few are selected among them to be a part of the show.

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Last year, in bigg boss season 11 there were two teams of celebrities and common people who are also called as Indiawale in the show. And also the Bigg Boss house was leaked before the show even started and it was reported that the house was divided into the main house and ‘padosi’ neighbour house. In the Bigg Boss neighbour house, There were few bigg boss participants who had to secretly play with the selected bigg boss participants who were in the main bigg boss house.

The bigg boss participants who were in the neighbouring house were asked to ask to make others follow their commands for few weeks like cooking food for them and ordering things at weird times. This concept of Bigg Boss was really nice and interested many viewers and made it one of the most viewed reality show in India. People all over India watch this show at 10:30 pm and which was repeat telecast at 11 AM and 4 PM next day of the original on-air.

In the bigg boss season 11, auditions were held online on the official website, voot app and with appy fizz bottle. In Bigg Boss auditions, participants were supposed to fill out the registration form and submit a video of themselves justifying why they are deserving to be on the show. In the video registration, Bigg Boss participants had to show their most naughty, weird, funny side of themselves to impress the bigg boss audition team who are looking for most weirdest persons to put on the show. The more weird you are, more TRP the show gets.

How to apply for Bigg Boss 12 auditions?

Bigg Boss 12 registration forms, Bigg Boss 12 auditions, Bigg Boss 12 online forms, Bigg Boss season 12 forms are the most searched queries these days, as Bigg boss has finally released a teaser about the beginning of the audition for Bigg Boss season 12. In the post Bigg boss shared that the next theme will be jodi and for now that is what we know right now. So, the best way to make your selection possible is find a partner for yourself who wants to be a part of Bigg Boss 12 with you.

Steps to register for Bigg Boss 12 on voot website/app

  • Find a jodi partner for yourself and make a video with them. (Hint: Make the video as funny and weird as possible)
  • Take a few jodi profile pictures.
  • Go to or voot app and look for Bigg Boss 12 registration form
  • Fill out the registration form and upload your video to youtube and paste the youtube link in the registration form.
  • You can also share your youtube link in our comment section to get views for Bigg Boss season 12.

Steps to register for Bigg Boss 12 audition on official website


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