10 Facts You Did Not Know About The Bigg Boss 12 House!

  1. Haunting at Bigg Boss house

Apparently the Bigg Boss house is haunted! Well, sure it is in a fairly remote place and not very good, to know the history of the building and land. But it is said that a number of internal and participants complained of sightings and paranormal activities like sounds and movements that are unexplained in the house, which is nothing less than scary!

  1. Celebs get alcohol inside the house!

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the program. We know how are ugly between competitors Bigg Boss in most normal scenarios of things and we could with alcohol in the mixture contain become unbearable, so it makes sense that it is forbidden. However, many candidates not only for a single day without the help of alcohol, to be delivered in packets of juice, and carry them in their sippers in the world of his drunkenness not be aware of!

  1. Couples get intimate on show!

How can you expect that some people are locked in a house and fail to certain basic needs and not let go? Well, he repeatedly raised the TRP of the show, when participants in a comfortable reality. hot and slippery pieces However, since the program for the family audience allowed are published in the series.


  1. Contestants don’t do all the cleaning and cooking

Lol! And believe seriously inmates cooking and cleaning? They agree that the group of selected participants are usually spoiled brats and out of life, such as cooking and cleaning for them would be a Diaster activities, so the house has help set. Clean, cook and go and, of course, why we see on TV, because it is not so interesting, and these bits are processed.

  1. The house is in a scenic location

The house is located in a beautiful location away from the chaos of the city of Mumbai to Lonavla. In fact, making it great for those looking for a holiday base celebrities. But to be under house arrest, can not be accurately described as pure pleasure! That’s what makes it exciting and interesting show.

  1. The house attracts creepy crawlies

given its location, it is not surprising that, with the candidate, the house also offers a list of univited guests – crawl. no strange spiders scorpions and snakes so friendly, participants must face during their stay here a little adventure.

  1. The house has many eyes watching its every move!

Bigg Boss House is widely used in this sense, there to watch every move candidates so many eyes. Eye, we refer to 80 cameras and around the house, so it’s the only show Bigg Boss. The cameras are controlled both robots and the inner and outer chambers respectively.

  1. Take a break in the restroom

The only place in the Bigg Boss house to give participants some privacy is the bathroom. That if someone needs to let some steam and have a good reputation, but is also used by couples who have something wrong with their heads in order!

  1. Heavy protection

The house is very strong from the outside, protected and keep their secrets from the prying eyes of the world safely. You can not enter except on certain days, and if you work with the channel or press.

  1. Sets around the house

The house welcomes visitors with an outside lot, either the press or the stars who come to visit Bigg Boss competitors and promote their films. There is even an improvised studio in front of the house where the speech this star shows recorded and broadcast.


Do you know any other secrets about the Bigg Boss house, please share in the comments below!

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